Update From Administrator – September 11, 2020

September 11, 2020

Thank You for all your continued support during this difficult time. We are doing our best to keep our residents safe and happy. We continue to follow DOH guidelines for testing our employees and residents. We expect to be deemed Negative and able to resume indoor visitation again starting Monday. Monday marks the end of the 14 day quarantine for two residents and employee testing has cleared. Call the receptionist to book a date and time for indoor lobby visitation open as of Monday.

Just a final reminder, Grandparent’s Day is coming up on Sunday, September 13th and we would like to do something special for our residents. If you have a grandparent in our facility and would like to send them a card, grandchildren pictures and/or drawings please drop off with the receptionist. Please remember to label all items with name of grandparent. Thank you for your efforts.

A few quick points:
•As you may have heard on the news, nursing homes will begin receiving “Rapid” COVID testing machines from the federal government over the coming weeks. As soon as we receive the machines, have conducted training on them, and have the necessary supplies to conduct the tests – we look forward to putting them to use! More information will follow on this as it becomes available. In the meanwhile we will continue to test our employees every week or when allowed every two weeks per RI DOH recommendations.

•Although we are following social distance guidelines, handwashing protocols, hygiene recommendations, and wearing masks in our center – it is still STRONGLY encouraged that all staff and residents receive an annual Influenza Vaccine. While the vaccine is not in the center yet, please consider completing a consent form, in advance to ensure you loved one receives their vaccine.

•Our hairdresser will be in weekly to cut our resident’s hair. We are very happy to see her as well. This will continue for as long as our COVID status cooperate.
Thank you and please stay safe and healthy!


September 11, 2020